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We Are Moving!

Update and Photos From The Week - April 16th, 2018
  • We got a floor in the x-ray room (that used to be the old staircase)
  • Carpet tile is on the floor and looking sharp!
  • Flooring and "Dry Socks Flooring" went on over the red/pink waterproofing in the soaker free zone
  • We got a toilet ;) in the new accessible washroom!
  • Front desk is in and the countertops are sealed with natural bees wax!
  • We selected some awesome natural Barnboard for our sign and got a lot of great advice from MakerHouse regarding materials.

April 16th construction pics

Update and Photos From The Week - April 9th, 2018

  • NEW this week we picked a teal colour "Jade Garden and Surf Blue" were the winners of the survey from last week. Thanks for all the votes!!
  • Sneak Peek VIDEO --- here ---


  • Watch for the survey this week about our hours, we are thinking about adding some new clinic hours and are looking for your opinion!
  • Walls are painted, emergency lighting is installed, front desk and some flooring! 
  • Countertops were built this week and ready to unveil the front desk next week!

Update and Photos From The Week - March 31, 2018
  • Great news this week we went public with the news of the move! Temporary window signs are up at the new location, We gave official notice to our landlord of the move! 
  • Since we went public its not a secret anymore!! Thank-you for keeping our secret, now you can tell everyone you know:))
  • Walls are nicely finished and primed


  • Lights are on! (we have outside lighting too)
  • Data, sound and security networks are in
  • Plumbing is "roughed" in  
  • Our new staircase got measured up this week and should be in soon
  • Watch for our contest this week! Help us pick some interior colours!
  • We picked a sign based on the survey in the office this week the winner was "B" thank-you to everyone for the feedback! 

Update and Photos From The Week - March 24, 2018

  • This week we got our x-ray facility approval from the Ontario Ministry of Health! It was a very thorough process that involved a lot of math but it all came through Approved! YAY!
  • The walls are going up and most of the lighting is in! Thanks to Rob Buck owner of Buck Construction and his talented crew and our electrician sean-ovington-and-his-crew-from-sitewise-electric.pdf.
  • We selected a ceiling finish based on the survey we had in the office this week! Thank-you for everyone who voted while they were in the office! Come see this week which one we picked this week!
  • A few practice members happened to catch us at the new place at different times this week/weekend and got a sneak peak! (Eric, Jo, Lysa, Tanner, Kate and Emily, Milad, Chad and family) thanks for coming by!
  • Also watch this week when you are in the office for voting on exterior sign layout and colours!

 Sean Ovington and his crew from Sitewise Electric

Update and Photos From March 18, 2018

Well... Its official!   Arc of Life is moving

The new location is at 1318 Wellington St W

New Location Map

After years of searching for the right location and a survey you may remember from several months ago, Arc of life has a new home.  Thanks for all of your feedback and overwhelmingly positive response.

Our current plaza will be torn down and turned into condo towers any year now, so we have had to make decisions regarding the safety and security of our staff and you, our practice members. We don’t think there’s a location in the city that doesn’t have parking issues, But you will no longer have to deal with:

The Tim Horton’s drive thru hiccups
Or massive trucks blocking the parking lot
Or aggressive panhandlers
Or security issues
Or tailgaters and grim reaper trucks…PHEW!!

SO, what’s the new place like ?

Gorgeous space with lots of natural light Fresh & modern design elements.
Free easy parking 7 spots on site Plenty of 90 min and 2 hr parking on adjacent streets.
You’re going to love the vibrant community of great local businesses.
We also have exciting plans to add to our natural health team.
Comfort, safety, better shopping, better coffee... the list goes on...

Thank-you for all your loyalty and support over these last 17 years in practice and voting us Top Chiropractic Clinic 2018.  We are always committed to giving you our best!  We’ve been busy doing demolition, and are seeking your input as we make decisions for the next stages!  

When you’re in the office in the next few weeks, check out some Colour schemes, Ceiling tiles, Barn-board, Logo, Fonts, Hours and a ton of great things we have planned.

Bookmark this page and check back here for updates, Check out the photos below!  No firm dates yet but we are aiming for later In April at this stage... We will update with progress so lots more to come!

Arc of Life New Location

Arc of Life New Location

Arc of Life New Location

Hey! Have any Questions or Comments About the Move?

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