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Dr. Pauline's TOP 5 Stay Healthy While You Travel Tips

Do you travel regularly? Going on a trip? Whether it be for business or for pleasure, travelling by plane, train or automobile…here are some Top Tips to stay healthy, give you more energy and not sabotage your good habits.

Travel by plane:

TRAVEL NECK PILLOW Especially if a longer flight, those silly looking neck pillows can save you from a whole lot of aches and keep you from falling asleep on the shoulder of that stranger next to you!  And if you didn’t bring one, you can always use an extra shirt or other piece of clothing and roll it up.

TRAVEL BACK PILLOW On a longer flight, they may give you one of those tiny pillows.  While they’re clearly not much support for your neck, it is good enough to give you some support for the small of your back.

TRAVEL WATER Yes, you’ve heard it plenty of times before, but how many people do you see ordering just water from the Free cart? While sodas and juice may quench your thirst at first, they won’t hydrate your cells the way H2O does….  The more water you drink will mean going to the bathroom more often but this is good because….

TRAVEL STRETCH Drinking more water will force you to get up to use the facilities.  Which will force you to get up and move, and while you’re up it’s a great opportunity to stretch.  Head to the back where the flight crew is or the middle if on a 737 or bigger use the walls to stretch and lean.  Who cares who’s looking at you.  They’re probably thinking “man, that looks like it would feel good right about now”  you might even make some new friends.

PACK TRAVEL FOOD Who actually looks forward to airline food – even when it was free?  With my daughter’s allergies, I have to pack all of her food everywhere we go.  And then there I am trying to make the best choice of the not so great options for myself, or think maybe I should just not eat and wait another 4 hours before we get to anywhere decent.  Thinking the whole time why don’t I just eat what she’s eating?  Yes, it’s a little bit of extra planning and strategic packing for my carry on but it’s totally worth it.  Tastes better, saves money, and I don’t send my gut into protection mode from the assault of processed food.

Travel to a hotel:

EXTRA PILLOWS Even if you’re by yourself.  If you’re lucky they might give you different sizes of types of pillows.  Put one between your legs, one to hug and one for your head.  If the pillow for your head doesn’t bunch to support your neck, you can roll up a small towel to give you better support.

GYM They probably have a gym in your hotel that few guests ever visit!  Even if only limited equipment, Just Do It!  Set your alarm, have all your workout gear laid out the night before.  When that alarm rings, Feet on the Floor! 

OR you can do these TOP 5 EXERCISES YOU CAN DO ANYWHERE right in your hotel room.  No one ever regrets making a healthy choice!

EMPTY WATER BOTTLE Instead of buying $5 water bottles at the hotel, bring your own re-useable water bottle from home.

PACK SNACKS Instead of raiding the hotel snack bar or going to the restaurant for everything, bring your favourites: raw veggies, avocado, coconut chips, fruit, nuts, home popped popcorn, dark chocolate, your favourite protein powder etc.

Travel by car:

SEAT POSITION Think good posture.  Adjust your seat distance, seat height, angle of seat back, the head rest and the steering wheel.

YOUR POSITION Do you lean towards the gear shift? Are you resting your arm on the door ledge? Do you shift your weight more to one side of your seat?  Better your position and remember to readjust on long drives

BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE Save money.  Keep alert on the road.

PACK YOUR OWN FOOD Your body will thank you.  Watch our healthy foods on the go segment here…

BREAKS Movement breaks are just as important as re-fuelling your body and your car.  Park farther away from your rest stop, do some stretches and then take a little walk.  You’ve saved time by bringing your own food, so enjoy a few minutes before getting back on the road.

All Inclusive Travel

You could be that ultrafit person that goes early to the gym or runs on the beach ….OR you could swim (Yes, actually swim not just wade in the water at the pool bar!)  Do aquaerobics, DANCE!  Put your shyness aside, it’s vacation you so let loose and have fun!  Yoga outdoors takes it to a whole other level.  Walk the beach, take the stairs.

DRINK WATER TOO!  Yes, you’re on vacation so enjoy yourself but there are healthier choices when it comes to drinks.  Limit the fruity drinks and opt for the more clear booze like gin, vodka or tequila.  Try mixing with 1/2 soda and ½ tonic so it’s less sweet and lots of fresh lime.  

GOOD CHOICES FIRST Fill your plate with lean protein and lots of veggies.  I think you’ll find that one good decision easily follows another ie if you exercised that day, you’re more likely to eat better.  Choose one thing to treat yourself at 1-2 of your meals a day ( could be a fruity drink, wine with dinner or a dessert)  Treat Yo Self!!! And still feel good.

MOVE Yes it’s vacation, you can still sleep in and exercise and relax.  Just sleep in till 8 instead of 11, and you’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll have.  It doesn’t have to be an hour either you can do these top 5 exercises you can do anywhere.

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