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Are you curious about what comes next in your life? Looking for guidance?
No matter your stage in life, Dave can help you set and reach your goals. Together, you’ll define your life plan through personalized experiences of self-discovery. When you work with Dave, you’ll clarify your wants and needs and develop new strategies to redefine your life from the inside out. You can harmonize your inner self and your daily life.

Q  How is Dave’s coaching different?
A His coaching style moves people out of their everyday routines and habits. In addition to coaching sessions and written exercises, you’ll explore your life goals through personalized activities. These create opportunities for meaningful growth and transformation, and will allow you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs. You’ll become internally motivated, and learn how to overcome obstacles and redefine the way you live. 

Q  Why should you sign up for coaching?
A True motivation and personal growth come from within. A customized coaching program can help you find that motivation with clarity and confidence. Generic books and programs can only go so far because they’re not tailored to you. That’s why Dave offers packages that are built around your life needs. Let real, positive change begin. You will be amazed by your results!

Coaching Hours:
Monday 9am - 12pm *
Wednesday 2pm - 5pm *
* Please book appointment at front desk or call 613.722.1003 *

Coaching Rates:
1 coaching session - $119 + HST
Package of 5 sessions - $547 + HST
Package of 10 sessions - $1,037 + HST
Package of 15 sessions - $1,497 + HST Bonus: Copy of my book “Sink-Float-SOAR”
All coaching sessions are customized to your needs
Complimentary 15 minute consultation for all new clients who want to learn about Dave’s coaching
Weekly or bi-weekly meetings
All sessions are 50 minutes long
Focussed on your Life, Career & Business needs

International Speaker, Professional Coach, & Author

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