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How Changing Sleep Posture Can Improve Your Sleep

Quality sleep is essential to good health.  Sleep is the time when our bodies recharge and heal, physically and mentally preparing us to take on the challenges of the next day. Watch our video to discover some sleep position hacks. Get the most out of your downtime to recover and regenerate.

Most people realize that good posture, particularly at their workstation, is crucial for reducing daily stressors on your spine. Sleep posture is no different.  We should spend (ideally) 7-8 hours each day sleeping - that's a third of your life!

Dr. Pauline gives us tips on how to maintain proper sleep posture and how to choose a pillow that provides the right support.

Choosing the right mattress for you is equally important, and it's a question that Dr. Pauline and Dr. Brent get often.  The right mattress will be firm enough to be supportive, but soft enough to minimize pressure points.  They often recommend a moderately firm mattress with a softer top layer.

Dr Pauline and Dr Brent often get asked about mattress recommendations. They recommend a local Ottawa company, Obasan, that makes premium organic mattresses, from all natural materials and are not laden with toxic chemicals.  Typical mattresses are often treated with chemicals such as flame retardants. These chemicals are major health concern. If your mattress is made with synthetic materials it is 100% manufactured with these chemicals. Given the amount of time we spend in bed, this should be an important consideration.  Additionally, Obasan mattresses are fully customizable to suit you and your partner, which is a great feature, as it's often difficult to find a mattress that suits both partners equally.

"When we changed our mattress there was an instant change in quality of sleep," said Dr. Brent. "We take the time to try to get organic produce, and safe, non-toxic products, why should our mattress be any different?" 

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