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Children Need Chiropractic Too!

Often, the first subluxation occurs during the birth process. Even during a normal, natural birth, an enormous amount of pressure is put on the infant’s head and spine. Added interventions, such as pulling, twisting, forceps, and suction, all cause further stress on the baby’s delicate spine, and often result in baby’s first misalignments.

In a study of 1250 newborn babies it was demonstrated that only 10% have a healthy freely movable cranial mechanism, in other words, all of the bones of the head are in correct relationship and moving as they should. Only 10% have visible disturbance in the cranial mechanism. The remaining 80% have minor difficulties that can only be detected by those specifically trained to detect subluxations, such as a chiropractor.

These subluxations that occur in infancy continue to affect the spine’s development and can lead to degeneration throughout their childhood and adult life. As a child develops and becomes more active, further misalignments can result from normal play, bumps and falls.

Supporting Healthy Development

There are six crucial times in a baby’s first year when spinal examinations are especially important:

  • After the birth process
  • When the baby starts to hold his/her head up
  • When the baby sits up
  • When the baby starts to crawl
  • When the baby starts to stand
  • When the baby starts to walk

A child’s spine grows 50% in the first year of life! At no other time does this growth happen so rapidly, which is why it is so important that your baby is in proper alignment, ensuring proper symmetrical growth. Making sure your child develops with the proper spinal curves will allow for optimal movement, balance, upright posture, protection, and shock absorption. Just as you would have your child’s teeth cleaned and eyes checked, it is important for your child to have regular chiropractic adjustments throughout their development.

How Children Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractor Ottawa talks to Chiro-kid Athlete about how chiropractic works for her

Misalignments in children may not be causing aches and pains just yet, but they may be responsible for other common complaints and impaired function. The nervous system controls everything in the body, by removing interference from the nerve system the body is able to regain function and thrive.

Parents with children under chiropractic care tell us their children are less fussy, sleep better, don't get sick as often as other kids, and bounce back quickly when they do get ill. Chiropractic can play a crucial role in keeping your children healthy now, and creating healthy adults for the future!

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