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  • Annalisse de Vroome

    Annalisse graduated from university in Chico, California with a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and started her career working as a health educator in the non-profit sector. In the fall of 2015 she moved cross-continent to be with her husband and has since settled into her life here in Ottawa. She enjoys running on the canal, going to hot yoga, and taking her dog, Tessa, to Bruce Pit. She tries her best to lead a healthy lifestyle and believes 'the body can do incredible things when nurtured'. Annalisse understands how important it is to take care of yourself and the ones you love and is excited to be part of a team that cares for their community. 

  • Marissa Boivin

    Marissa was our in-office Technical Chiropractic Assistant until her recent move to New Zealand to attend Chiropractic College across the world! This future Chiropractor is still an integral part of our team behind-the-scenes, spreading her love for chiropractic all over our social media. 'I love discovering and learning about chiropractic at the same time as the practice members, it makes our journey together in healthcare very rewarding and inspiring.' While her spare time is limited during school, Marissa enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and traveling around her new community in Auckland.

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