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Top 5 Stretches to Ease Your Pregnancy

We are often asked what are the best pregnancy stretches to be doing. Since we take care of so many expectant moms we thought we would put together a short video to show the top 5 pregnancy stretches that we recommend. Please check out our video where Ottawa prenatal Chiropractor Dr Pauline So shows in more detail these exercises for pregnant moms. We recommend these pregnancy stretches only for moms who have baby in non-breech position. If you are past 32 weeks and baby is breech please see our other breech baby exercise video and breech baby blog post. Do not follow these pregnancy stretches if your baby is breech and you are past 32 weeks!

Pregnancy Stretches for alignment

prenatal stretches for healthy pregnancy and healthy mom having baby 

Video: Ottawa prenatal chiropractor Dr Pauline So shows best pregnancy stretches

During pregnancy the body changes to allow ligaments and joints to adapt. Adaptation make the conditions right for delivering a baby. Focused stretching is gentle encouragement for your joints and muscle to be in the best position possible can. Pregnancy Stretches can be done on their own or to compliment your chiropractic care. During pregnancy and especially after baby is born is the perfect time to see a prenatal chiropractor. Webster technique is a specific technique that your prenatal chiropractor may use to help create better balance and alignment in the pelvis and sacrum. These top 5 pregnancy stretches help create optimal balance and alignment in the pelvis and sacrum.

Find a Prenatal Chiropractor

With any exercise or stretching we always recommended that you see a qualified prenatal chiropractor. A qualified prenatal Chiropractor will give you specific advice. These are the pregnancy stretches we recommend most often. These pregnancy stretches are for expecting moms who have a baby in the head down position (not breech). As with any pregnancy there are variations that can occur so if you have any question ask your prenatal chiropractor, midwife or obstetrician. If you have any specific questions we would love to help. Please reach us through our website contact us page if you are in Ottawa. If you are not in Ottawa we would love to find you a great prenatal chiropractor referral in your city.

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