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What is Ketogenic Diet And How Do I Get It?

What is the Ketogenic Diet All About?

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the macronutrient blocs upon which all diets are built. Perhaps you can remember the many fad or craze diets of your years. Atkins, South beach, cabbage soup, juice diet and so many low fat diets popular in the past.  The interesting thing about nutrition is that it is constantly changing and the Ketogenic diet is no different. What happened 1-3-5 years ago the experts proclaiming victory over the misconceptions of their past becomes irrelevant.  This is the case with the war on fat. The difference is that the ketogenic diet is based on expert science and de-bunks the last 30+ years of misguided diet advice.

In case you were unaware, time magazine declared war on fat and specifically saturated fats as the enemy of humankind in 1961 and they printed a retraction in 2014.  Experts now agree that fat is and always has been the preferred fuel of the body. Fat for fuel becomes the best thing for maintaining lean muscle mass, preserving brain and cognitive function, reducing inflammation and free radical damage to healthy cells. In fact so many experts are now on board that it makes me wonder how anyone ever survived on a low fat/high carb diet of my athletic youth.

What Does Science Say About Ketones?

The science shows that the fuel source for humans is either glucose (from refined carbohydrates) or ketones (from fats). Science also shows that the body works really well when we limit glucose and allow the body to use energy derived from ketones and fat. 

Is Fat Bad For Me?

The common question is “isn’t fat bad for me?” and “wont I get heart disease and clogged arteries from fat?” “wont I get fat?” The answer depends on if you are living in 1982 or 2017. In 1982 the heart disease clogged artery model was popular with nutrition experts fooled by research funded by the sugar and grain industry. If you live in 2017 the research now shows that if you can harness the power of ketones and fat as your primary fuel it will result in lower inflammation, better brain function, lower incidence of cancer, lower incidence of heart disease and better overall health.

What’s the catch? Well, its not easy… it truly takes 7 to 10 days to experience nutritional ketosis. Depending on how good your metabolism is at burning fat already these days will be plagued by body aches and brain fog, to be honest, most people don’t make it. I have done it and anyone who has ever tried to go without sweets and sugar for a while can tell you it sucks. The good news is that there is a new supplement to help. You can do it without… but exogenous ketones really help!

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