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Registered Massage Therapist Catherine DeWolf

Registered Massage Therapist - Catherine DeWolf

Catherine DeWolf is known to her friends and clients as "Katie". Katie  Joined Arc of Life chiropractic and massage therapy in 2014 and brings great energy to the chiropractic and massage therapy practice.  Katie has spent many hours of her education on learning the best components from a wide variety of massage therapy techniques.  Katie has a real passion for horses and riding in Ottawa and abroad with some of the competitive and  elite level teams she has worked with.  Katie enjoys helping her clients with effective massage therapy to achieve better function in their daily lives.

Katie says: “Every athlete at the top of their sport has a Chiropractor and massage therapist on their professional team.  

We take care of Athletes who push their limits every day as well as aspiring athletes and weekend warriors.  While pain may motivate a first visit to our Ottawa chiropractic and massage therapy office the importance always comes back to structure and function.  With good structure restored good function returns as well.”

Registered Massage Therapist - Catherine DeWolf like all Massage Therapists also called RMT's are a highly qualified part of your healthcare team. Years of education, specialized training and accreditation through a governing body are required for therapists in Ontario.  Several accredited massage therapy schools with great reputations are located in Ottawa. Once education and skill requirements are met the accreditation process is controlled by the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario).
Since Registered Massage therapist - Catherine DeWolf is registered in Ontario, her services are elligible for insurance reimbursement from extended health benefits. Most clients make massage a regular part of caring for their health to restore muscle and joint function and full mobility. Initially a more intensive restorative schedule may be recommended if there is an area that needs more work. Once restoration has occurred then a less frequent schedule designed for maintenance may be suitable to keep that same level of function. As with any healthcare it is always advised to have the discussion with your provider and cooperatively design a plan that will work to get you the best results, there are many options!

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