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Ottawa Chiropractor Dr Pauline So

Ottawa Chiropractor, Dr. Pauline So

Ottawa Chiropractor Dr. Pauline So is the clinic director and has a real passion for helping people and keeping things running smoothly. Dr. Pauline is a former engineering student turned Chiropractor who incorporates the best of her engineering brain with the Chiropractor in her to get results with her patients. Before becoming a Chiropractor in Ottawa Dr. Pauline suffered from migraines herself so she can empathize with her new patients coming in with those types of symptoms. The WHY for Dr. Pauline starts there, ultimately helping people achieve their health goals.

Dr. Pauline has another pretty big WHY, in her own words she says: “more and more we have been getting difficult pediatric chiropractic cases. Some of these kids we see have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and are fortunate to have very proactive parents who are looking for solutions besides drugs for their children. Not that Chiropractic is a cure for these conditions but we ask the question how can we best support a normal healthy nerve system in the kids with these challenges? The answer is that Chiropractic supports the nerve system and the nerve system controls everything else so we see tremendous changes with this type of chiropractic care and that is very rewarding.”

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