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Ottawa Chiropractor Dr. Brent Waddell

Ottawa Chiropractor Dr Brent Waddell

Dr. Brent started his first Chiropractic practice in Barrhaven, Nepean a suburb of Ottawa in 2003 after graduating from Chiropractic College. 6 years later Dr. Brent had the opportunity to move his practice and Join Dr. Pauline at Arc of Life Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. Dr. Brent has a background in several sports over different phases of his life including Rowing, Cycling, Swimming, Running, Triathlon, Body Building and presently  Athletic Training and Mobility that have developed his interest in taking care of the athlete in all of us. Dr. Brent became a Chiropractor in Ottawa because of his personal experience after visiting a Chiropractor after a cycling accident when he was 19. Dr Brent credits Chiropractic with dramatically increasing his own recovery from that injury. Injury recovery is important to anyone in the short term but also crucial for preventing future problems. The WHY for Dr. Brent comes from his solid desire to help the athlete in all of us achieve more.

Dr. Brent says: “There is an athlete in all of us, some spend hours every day honing their skill while some have not exercised that way for years. What I see is a top performer in every child, teen, adult and senior that walks in the front door of our Ottawa Chiropractor office. By taking care of the spine and the nerve system it allows our bodies to move the way we are supposed to, chiropractic works to remove the effects that our modern lifestyle, past injuries and even the birth process has on our health. Kids are natural athletes, it’s amazing to see and support that inborn ability in the kids we take care of but also to help adults and seniors regain that ability that comes so naturally as a kid. We have patients in their 90’s who are remaining active and healthy by using Neuro-Structural Chiropractic and registered massage therapy to help stay that way!”

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