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Arc of Life Chiropractor Ottawa

Arc of Life Chiropractor Ottawa was started in 2001 by Dr Pauline So. The Vision to have Chiropractors and Massage Therapists working together to get great results as a team for the people they take care of.

Who goes to a Chiropractor?

The people they serve come in all ages and stages of life. Services such as pediatric Chiropractor is often referred to as baby chiropractor. Why would a baby chiropractor ever be needed you might be thinking. Click on the link if you want to find out more about pediatric chiropractors or baby chiropractor. Often this gentle type of care is what might be needed to help babies, toddlers and kids thrive.

A Prenatal Chiropractor is another thing that makes people ask "is it safe to do that to a pregnant woman?" Of course it is and we get many soon to be moms asking about Webster technique which is a pelvic balancing technique you can learn more about on our blog. Webster technique is gentle safe and effective way to help mom and baby work together for the best possible birth. After having a baby many moms find us as well to help gently guide their body back to normal.

Other people find us to help with other life challenges.

Pain is often times a motivation to get some help. We want to help people get out of their pain. Whether is it neck pain, headaches, arm numbness, hand numbness it may be coming from the lower neck. Migraines, migraine headaches, tension headache, sinus headache may have links to the upper neck region of the spine.

How do I know if a Chiropractor can help?

Chiropractors work in a bunch of different ways. if you are looking for a chiropractor there are a few things to consider. first you should look for someone who is going to test. Our testing is done with the most advanced technology. Our computerized instrumentation is EMG scanning, thermal and HRV studies, Hands on palpation is important as well and x-ray if required. A good chiropractor will always test first and explain to you what they find. This is important because you need to know what is going on, its teamwork! Read more about what a first visit might look like for you here.

Chiropractor for Low Back Pain

Recent studies have shown that chiropractors should be the first stop for back pain. Patients who go to chiropractic for back pain, sciatica, leg pain and leg numbness have been shown to get better results, take less drugs and get better faster than going to other practitioners. See what one of our patients says about it here.

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