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Committing to a Fitness Challenge

This month at Arc of Life we are committing to a 30 day fitness challenge: the Squat Challenge! With the weather turning to beautiful sunshine, fitness challenges are a great way to kickstart a healthy, active summer. We want to encourage everyone to participate in a challenge that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to commit and follow through with a challenge. 


When you first start a month-long challenge, it may seem daunting to reach the end goal of 200 squats, or 200 crunches, or 50 push ups, etc. But that’s the point. You don’t want a challenge that will be to easy. Spend each day improving toward a goal. Not only will your body love you for your commitment to fitness, your mind will also thrive with the mental stimulation of successfully completing a goal.

Benefits of a Fitness Challenge:

  1. Develop your fitness levels in a safe manner by building up to a goal over time.
  2. You can specifically track your progress and recognize when you are or are not reaching your goals.
  3. You are not alone in the fitness challenge! Find motivation in the community, reach your goals with friends, coworkers, family. Know that your struggles are normal and reach out to your community to receive encouragement.
  4. Accountability: You are responsible for your health, no one else can take responsibility! Hold yourself accountable in order to strive for a more active lifestyle.
  5. All fitness challenges can be modified to suit your level of performance. If you are experiencing difficulties completing a full squat, for example, instead do a half squat or a chair squat. Is a regular squat to easy? Add in weights or pulses in between each movement.

Check out this video to learn how to do a basic squat and a modified chair squat.

Are you interested in beginning a fitness challenge? Here is our Squat Challenge for both beginner and advanced squatters, start this challenge with your friends and family!

Good luck and happy moving!

30-day-squat-challengebeginner-300x169.jpg Beginner 30 Day squat challenge

30-day-squat-challengebeginner-1-300x169.jpgAdvanced 30 Day squat challenge

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