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    Kaylee Cumming registered with the CMTO in 2006. She combines the benefits of deep tissue work with relaxation techniques to achieve the best results. Kaylee enjoys the detective work involved in figuring out 'why' clients are presenting with pain whether it is old injuries, repetitive strain or postural imbalances.

    Her treatments usually involve stretches and exercises to reduce pain, improve posture and to prevent future injuries. Kaylee has taken courses on Low back pain/dysfunction and Fascial Restructuring Technique and feels confident in getting her clients the results they are looking for!

    Kaylee is passionate about helping moms to be; pregnancy is an incredible process physically and prenatal massages can be so beneficial to assist in the rapid postural changes and to decrease pain and swelling. She most recently took a course for RMT as a labour support/doula and is excited to be a part of this miraculous event for families. Not often talked about, postnatal treatment is also incredibly important with fatigue, neck and shoulder pain from breastfeeding as well being an emotionally draining and stressful shift. She is excited to specialize in this aspect of massage and to study midwifery in the future.

    Kaylee enjoys a healthy lifestyle involving weight training, running and yoga. She considers herself a bit of a foodie and finds any excuse to make an event or get her friends together. She also enjoys relaxing outdoors, camping/cottaging and acting like a kid with her step kids.


    Donna graduated from Everest College of Massage therapy in 2013 with Honours. The massage therapy program is known for having exceptionally skilled graduates that continue to build skill in practice. She excels in a variety of Massage Therapy techniques from deep tissue massage to relaxation massage.

    Donna says 'While I treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, there is great benefit from massage that goes beyond pain relief. A person of any age can get relief and better function treating low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and injuries to name a few. With a great sense for creating balance in tissue function there is always an attention to comfort and restoration during their treatment.

    Donna continues to take courses expanding her education and adding to her professional development. When not saving the word through massage therapy, Donna enjoys travel and capturing the beauty of the world through her love of photography. She also enjoys reading books and spending time with family.

  • Isabelle Boucher

    Isabelle is a graduate of the Montreal, Québec, based Institut Kiné-Concept. She graduated in Kinetic Swedish Massage®, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Thai oil massage (practiced on massage table).  

    As a massage practitioner, Isabelle successfully completed her training to provide professional deep muscle relaxation massage. She enjoys working with clients to support their goals of muscle relaxation to provide an overall feeling of well-being. Having built a successful massage practice in Quebec, Isabelle is furthering her massage studies to become a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario.

    Isabelle leads an active lifestyle where she practices yoga, stand up paddleboard (SUP) and snowboarding. She also enjoys traveling the world exploring different cultures.

    Isabelle is an experienced Massage Practitioner practicing non-registered massage.  As such, Isabelle’s services are not eligible for reimbursement from most Ontario extended health plans.

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