Top 5 Reasons For Choosing Arc of Life


1. Digital xray : Our onsite digital x-ray allows us to provide the highest possible quality of care. We will show you if and where there are weaknesses in your spinal structure and how that can be related to your health concerns. We will use this detail to help design your course of care and the techniques and approach we recommend.  Digital xray reduces the radiation exposure by 75% or more compared to conventional x-ray equipment.

2. Insight Scan Technology: Our practice has invested in the latest technology that scan your spine and nerve system to visualize what is functionally going on in the deeper layers. A series of precision sensors can detect tiny changes within your muscles, joints, temperature controls and even your heart rhythms. With this technology, we can determine the most effective way to help you reach your health goals.

Thermal - Image

Thermal - Image

3. Multiple Techniques : Dr Pauline and Dr Brent have devoted hundreds of Imagehours learning a broad range of chiropractic techniques. Each adjustment is tailored to the individual and the specific requirements to restore and support a healthy nerve system. Techniques are gentle, effective and designed to work with your body to allow for better healing.

  1. TRT (Torque Release Technique) - Extremely gentle and considered to be the best blend of many techniques.
  2. Thompson - Adjustments made using a specific drop table.
  3. Diversified - Most consider this to be traditional Chiropractic.
  4. CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) - Postural, structural and corrective care.
  5. Cranial - Emphasis on the small movement of the bones of the skull.
  6. Activator - Extremely gentle adjustments can be done with a hand held adjusting tool.
  7. Webster Technique - Technique to balance the pelvis and remove uterine constraint during pregnancy.

4. Thorough Exam : This may be the most thorough examination you will ever have. We take the time to understand completely why your body is not healing, adapting, or functioning the way it should. We get to know you, your health goals and how we will help you reach them.

5. Full Report of Findings : An explanation and interpretation of the tests and/or xrays we have done, what we have found and how we can start moving you towards your health vision.

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